We’ve all had one at some point in our life. Some worse than others, unfortunately.

They’re tricky to untangle when you’re trying to figure out what the trigger might be.
Am I thirsty? Did I get enough sleep? Is this hormonal? Too much caffeine?
🙋🏽‍♀️ I am guilty of chalking it up to- ‘Oh, I probably haven’t eaten enough today.’

Just like anything in life, there are about a billion different causes for a handful of different types of headaches (tension, cluster, sinus, etc) and migraines (with aura and without).

In my practice, I’ve come to learn a few tricks for easing a headache or stopping a migraine in its tracks and that involves a hands-on approach in addition to keeping up with the boundaries you’ve come to establish on your own with curbing this kind of pain.

All of my chronic headache/migraine patients receive hands-on training for self-release at home when things start to get uncomfortable. There are some really incredible passive techniques you can work at that will quickly turn into an everyday routine, simply because it feels great AND helps you stay on top of physical tension in your body!

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