It’s true!

Our lifestyle (habits, sleep, diet, emotion, energy, etc) directly affects our physical body- but you already knew that, right?

Do you know how exactly fascia works in your body? It’s… FASCIA-nating. 🤓
Couldn’t resist- sorry, not sorry! 🤣
Check this out 👇🏽

↠ Fascia is the connective tissue (think GLUE) that holds your body together. It’s a fibrous tissue that allows your muscles, nerves, and inside structure to work & fit together comfortably within rest and movement.
↠ There are 3 main types of fascia: Superficial, Deep & Visceral.
↠ Fascia can take on different forms in terms of adapting its elasticity, shape & size.
↠ Fascia is one of THE richest sensory organs in the body. It’s full of what we call “mechanoreceptors” and nerve endings that play a big part in how the body feels pain.
↠ Fascia responds not only to physical movement/trauma but also to emotion.

In my practice, I focus mostly on the fascial trains that exist in our bodies and work to restore them to alleviate pain, tension and imbalance. Osteopathy is a manual therapy that offers so much versatility to its patients and really focuses on the big picture when dealing with pain and discomfort.

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