Same, same but different.

One of the coolest things about manual therapy is that it is so incredibly complementary to other alternative & holistic therapies.

Sometimes it takes a village, and sometimes it takes trying a modality with a different approach.

Healing (in many cases) is non-linear.

I like to describe the body as scaffolding. Often, when we work to resolve a problem area with a patient another area may pop up that needs attention too. This goes back to my post last week where we discussed how everything in the body is connected.

When you’re in pain it’s natural for the brain to want to protect that area. It simply wants to keep you safe! When the brain wants to keep you safe from feeling discomfort in one area it usually starts to compensate by using another area for support.

See the domino effect happening here?

I strongly believe that all alternative health care practitioners work most effectively in harmony.

We all have so much to offer individually AND as a team. There should never be any judgment for what works best for YOUR body.

If you’ve been struggling, maybe it’s time to add something new into your bag of tricks?

We are here and ready to help you!